Experimental Marketing


Directly connect consumers with a brand by creating powerful experiences. These experiences not only exemplify the brands’ personality but also subsequently link the consumer to the brand.


Develop a personalized experience that successfully communicates the brand to the consumer. This experience is aimed at creating a memory that ignites positive associations for the consumer towards both the experience, and most importantly, the brand. Through this interaction the brand is established and loyalty is acquired.


Experiential marketing creates a stronger relationship with the consumer by using the brand image to deliver a personal and relevant experience. Ultimately, this influences the consumer’s decision-making process and fuels unique peer-to-peer recommendations.

Trip Sponsorship

SWAT is the leader in student travel on the West Coast, allowing its marketing clients to transcend the limitations of traditional marketing by tapping into the unique vacation/event experience. These one of a kind trips provide the perfect medium for accessing unique brand experiences consumers will remember. Trip sponsorship creates an opportunity for product visibility and promotional tie-ins. Clients will have the opportunity to link their brands with first class entertainment, extreme sports, VIP parties and an atmosphere comprised of the most well liked, respected, and networked young adults.

Event Staffing

SWAT Marketing provides trained and qualified staff to enhance promotional events, which assist with tasks and interact with patrons on a peer to peer level. These events range from trade shows, premiers, and demonstrations, to philanthropic events, retreats, grand openings of stores, movies, restaurants, and clubs. Our staff has experience creating ideal booth displays, promoting/sampling products, welcoming guests, set-up and clean-up, crowd control, and modeling. This qualified staff helps ensure a seamless connection between your brand and a memorable experience that will stay with attendees beyond the event itself.