SWAT Marketing

Company History
Summer Winter Action Tours, SWAT, was established in 1997 to provide high school and college students with one of a kind winter, spring and summer vacation trips and adventures. SWAT has an unparalleled reputation for providing not only the best celebrity entertainment, themed events, and action sports, but also experiences leaving indelible impressions. As SWAT’s youth network expanded, SWAT Marketing was created in 2003 to accommodate a growing demand in non-traditional marketing tactics.

The Creation of SWAT Marketing
SWAT Marketing’s relationships with campus leaders, and our experience influencing youth, provides our clients with a direct channel into campus life. SWAT Marketing represents various clients who have seen significant growth from our unique approach. We are never afraid to push the envelope in order to create brand awareness and maintain brand loyalty. Our vast student network, in tandem with the personal relationships we have developed with our college ambassadors, has created a certifiable powerhouse that ensures brand success.

Who has SWAT worked with?
For a list of SWAT’s clients and sponsors, please view our Clients and Sponsors pages.