El Nino 2013 | Important Updates & Trip Info

December 22, 2012

Dear SWAT El Nino Parents & Travelers,

With El Nino 2013 only two weeks away, we're working incredibly hard on finalizing the last minute details for this year's trip. After a long and dry summer, Sierra-at-Tahoe is reporting that they've received over 48" of fresh snow within the last week with more on the way! The long-term weather forecasts are predicting that we'll have great weather during the trip and we couldn't be more excited to hit the slopes and ride some of the best mountains on the West Coast!

Before we can begin the trip, we have a few important updates for you:

As an added layer of safety, we have a few forms that we need to collect from you by December 28, 2012 at the latest. You may remit all forms via email at info@swatup.com or via fax at (714) 203-6029. All forms are available for download in the "Tools & Forms" section of our website, which is available by clicking here.

Behavior Code & Medical Release:
We require that ALL parents/guardians cover this form with their students and read through the information together. It's imperative that our travelers understand the rules and policies of this year's trip, including the zero-tolerance policy regarding drug and alcohol use, behavior, and respect of the SWAT staff and fellow travelers. We've also included a medical release in the Behavior Code language so that in the event a traveler needs medical attention, we're able to provide or arrange medical treatment without hesitation or delay. We must collect a signed copy of this form from each traveler by December 28, 2012. If we do not have this form collected from a traveler, he or she will not be allowed to board the bus on January 2, 2012.

Traveler Health Questionnaire:
It's crucial that we collect this form for any traveler who has a chronic medical condition or for those who take any prescription medication. Our medical staff will ensure that those who do take prescription medication are following their doctors' instruction and that those with chronic medical conditions are looked after by our team of Registered Nurses. Rest assured that immediately following the trip, all Traveler Health Questionnaires will be destroyed in accordance with HIPAA laws in order to protect patient privacy. We only need to collect this form from travelers who have a chronic medical condition or for those to take prescription medication.

El Nino WEST Invitational Registration Form:
Travelers who wish to compete in the El Nino WEST Invitational must fill out the registration form, which requires a parent/guardian signature, and submit it to our on-site staff in the 24-Hour Room at the hotel.

Departure Information:
We will be sending out departure information via email to all El Nino 2013 travelers on December 28, 2012. Know that unless a school has 25 or more travelers, we cannot guarantee that the bus will depart from their high school campus. Travelers from schools with less than 10 participants may be assigned to a bus departure location up to 30 miles away from their high school campus. This is due to bus routing and to limit the total travel time.

Please note that a very important email will be sent to you next week regarding SWAT's compliance with California's newly enacted AB45 legislation.

Hotel Information:
If you haven't yet done so, please either notify your Campus Representative of your roommate preferences or email your request to info@swatup.com. As the hotel accommodations are based on quad-occupancy hotel rooms, rooms with less than four travelers may be subject to an upgrade fee of $50 per person for each less occupant assigned to the room. We do our absolute best to fill every spot in every room, but cannot guarantee we'll be able to find an additional roommate for you. Should you wish to upgrade your trip to a lower-occupancy room please email info@swatup.com. All El Nino 2013 travelers will be staying at the Horizon Resort & Casino, which is located at:

Horizon Resort & Casino

50 US 50
Stateline, NV 89449

You will be provided with emergency contact information via email should you need to reach our staff during the trip during non-conventional business hours. Please do not contact the hotel for any reason prior to the trip so they're able to maintain normal business operations prior to our arrival.

Packing List:
For your convenience, we've compiled a list of recommended items that each traveler bring on the trip. Please note that while none of the items on the packing list are required, they're what we suggest based on our years of experience.

Equipment Rentals:
Please remember that all travelers who need to rent skiing or snowboarding equipment must do so at home and bring it with them on the trip. This is due to our inability to guarantee rental availability on-site and because our itinerary may change depending on weather.

Should you have any questions about the trip or require additional information, you're encouraged to contact our Customer Service Team at (714) 955-6900 or via email at info@swatup.com. Our office will be closed through December 25, 2012 in observance of the Christmas holiday, and will reopen on December 26, 2012 at 12:00PM.

We're looking forward to running a great trip as we celebrate our 16th year of SWAT El Nino. We'd like to thank you in advance for helping our team ensure that this year's trip runs smoothly and will see you in South Lake Tahoe this January!