"There is no better way to have an amazing Spring Break than to go with SWAT! It was such an easy AFFORDABLE way to have an unforgettable trip with your friends. Lake Havasu is the perfect Spring Break location and SWAT brings out the best in it!I feel like I completely soaked up my Spring Break to the best! I don't know of any other company that can put on better parties, bring the most amazing DJ's like Aoki out, and keep a ton of college kids partying all trip long other than SWAT! I've never had a more incredible time in my life! SWAT UP!"
-Katelyn, Cal Poly SLO

"S.W.A.T provided not only an inexpensive but safe and action packed Spring Break destination to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Out of all the S.W.A.T trips, there has never been a dull moment or a memory that will be forgotten. S.W.A.T is the perfect college Spring Break, no matter the location or week of travel, there is no other way to spend your spring break except with S.W.A.T!!!"
-Dani W., San Diego State

"S.W.A.T put together such and awesome spring break trip at Lake Havasu that I actually went back two weeks later for another trip. The staff works day and night to make sure every single person has a safe and awesome time. My S.W.A.T spring break trips were by far the highlight of my year, and I can’t wait to S.W.A.T UP again!"
-T.J. M., Arizona State University

"SWAT Havasu...where to start!! Well this was my 6th SWAT trip and on top of that it was my 21st bday! This trip set the standard of what college spring break should be. This trip was by far the best SWAT trip I have been on and seeing the videos and pictures only makes me wanna go back. There were tons of beautiful people and all the big state schools really put it down. All of the SWAT crew really did an amazing job with this trip. Special thanks to Jenna, TJ, Holly, Sarah, DJ O and everyone else who made my 21st birthday a trip I will never forget."
-Rich G., Cal State Fullerton

"SWAT is the best and most affordable way for me and my friends to do it big on spring break! This was my third spring break trip and it just gets better every year. Don't second guess yourself, just SWAT UP!"
-Darin R., San Diego State

“PS: Thanks for putting on such a good trip. Not one person complained about the trip (except for the little hick-up in the beginning of course) but everything was great. The staff was kind and the parties were super sick! Great DJs and tight venues!!! Good job man keep up the good work.”
-Jordan B., SAC State